A Business Contract

Violet: Thanks for agreeing to meet with me about the new Contract. It’s important that both Parties understand and agree to all of the Terms before we can move ahead.

Karik: It’s In the best interest of both of our companies for this agreement To be signed, so I’m glad to be here. How should we Proceed?

Violet: You and I have both read the contract, but I think it’s useful to go over the main Articles to make sure there aren’t any Clauses that are Objectionable. If you’ll take a look at Article 1…
Karik: This looks In order. The Stipulations we asked for are all there. Now if we can move to Article 6, I have a question about the conditions for Declaring the contract Null and void.

Violet: I’m glad you Brought that up. I know that this was a Sticking point during the Negotiations and I believe we’ve found an acceptable Compromise.

Karik: I’m sure you have. Let’s take a look.

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