Working Part-Time Jobs

Luisa: Are you still here? I thought you Got off at 3:00.

Max: I Picked up a second Shift. I Could use the money.

Luisa: But I thought you had another Part-time job in the evenings.

Max: I normally do, but the restaurant where I work has been Cutting back my hours, so I’m trying to pick up as many extra shifts here as I can.

Luisa: And don’t you work at the Amusement park on the weekend?

Max: I do half the year, but it’s winter and the park only keeps a Skeleton crew on during these months. In the meantime, I’m working for a Temp agency, which gives me Short-term assignments.

Luisa: I don’t know how you Juggle all these jobs.

Max: I have no choice. I have To piece together an Income if I want to pay rent.

Luisa: Have you ever thought about going back to school To qualify for other work, something Full-time?

Max: Sure, all the time. I’d like a better job, one with Benefits and a reliable Salary.

Luisa: What’s stopping you?

Max: I have to pay for something called “food,” and I haven’t met my Fairy godmother yet!

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