Hiring a Hitman

Gus: Are you Shirley?

Shirley: Yeah, thanks for agreeing to meet me here. I’m told you’re the best Sniper in the business and you can be Discreet. I need a Hitman who can do a job, then Make himself scarce.

Gus: I’m your man. Tell me about it.

Shirley: There’s someone who’s been A thorn in my side, keeping me up at night, and it’s time To take him out.

Gus: Taking care of problems is my Specialty. I’ll need a Down payment now and the Balance when I Finish him off. We shouldn’t meet again, so I’ll tell you later where To make a drop.

Shirley: All right.

Gus: Good. How will I be able To spot the Target?

Shirley: Here’s a picture. He’s usually in the yard in the afternoons.

Gus: You want me to kill a dog?!

Shirley: Right, he’s my neighbor’s dog and he keeps me up every night. Is that a problem?

Gus: You bet it is. Who do you think I am? People are Disposable, but dogs? They’re a man’s best friend.

Shirley: Are you kidding me? You won’t take the job?

Gus: Nope, I won’t. If you want To pay good money to take out a dog, then that’s Your prerogative, but I have my Standards!

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