Rejecting Newer Technology

Darlene: Thanks for agreeing to take a look at my computer. It’s been Acting up lately.

Chris: Sure, I don’t mind. Is this it?

Darlene: Yeah.

Chris: How long have you had this computer? It looks like it belongs in the Ice age.

Darlene: I admit it’s a little Dated. I must be one of the last Holdouts in Switching to a newer Model.

Chris: What are you waiting for? It seems to me that all of your computer problems would be solved if you Spring for a new one.

Darlene: I have a lot of old programs on this computer that aren’t compatible with the newer models. I’m kind of Attached to them.

Chris: They probably aren’t compatible because there are now better, more efficient programs that have Overtaken the ones you currently use. Your programs are probably Obsolete. Which programs are they? Maybe I can show you how to use the newer Versions.

Darlene: Well, there’s one particular program…

Chris: Yes?

Darlene: It’s a game I like to play.

Chris: You’re refusing to buy a newer, better computer just because you’d have To give up a game?

Darlene: It’s a really fun game and I’m keeping this computer until they make a version for the newer computers.

Chris: Okay, but you know what they say: Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Darlene: So you won’t help me fix my computer?

Chris: I’ll try, but I’m telling you now. It’s a Lost cause.

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Rejecting Newer Technology