Being Cautious or Thrill-Seeking

Paula: Did you get an invitation to Kip and Sheri’s wedding?

Robert: Yeah, I did. I’m still trying To wrap my head around the two of them getting married. Never in my wildest dreams would I put those two together. It Boggles my mind that they’re In the least compatible.

Paula: What do you mean?

Robert: Sheri is really Adventurous and definitely a Thrill-seeker.

Paula: Maybe she’s Mellowed over the years.

Robert: I don’t think so, and Kip is the Opposite. He’s always Toed the line and I don’t think he Has an adventurous bone in his body.

Paula: I’ve never thought of Kip as being Uptight.

Robert: No, he’s not uptight. He’s just very Cautious. You’d never find him looking for an Adrenaline rush or even a little Novelty.

Paula: You know what they say: Opposites attract.

Robert: If that’s true, then in their case, Polar opposites attract!

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Being Cautious or Thrill-Seeking