Speaking About the Future

Robert: These designs are really Futuristic-looking.

Mara: I’m trying to be Forward-thinking and imagine what the world will be like in 50 to 100 years.

Robert: You think that the world will be filled with Space-age gadgets like these?

Mara: That’s the natural Evolution of Technology for the next 100 years, I think. We will continue to develop Labor-saving devices, simpler ways of doing everyday tasks, and to improve Artificial intelligence.

Robert: I’m not sure I want to live in a world that looks like that. It seems so cold and Impersonal.

Mara: That’s only because most of us have a Fear of the unknown.

Robert: That’s me In a nutshell. I’d rather return to a Simpler way of life with as little innovation and technology as possible.

Mara: Like modern Sanitation and transportation?

Robert: Well, I want To go back in time with some things, but keep my Conveniences.

Mara: So you want to pick and choose? That shouldn’t be a problem when we figure out Time travel.

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Speaking About the Future