Seeing a Circus Performance

Paula: Ta-da! We’re here. This is your big surprise.

Roman: We’re going to the Circus?

Paula: You Got it in one! It’s going to be great. There’ll be Clowns and Acrobats, Trapeze artists and Lion tamers.

Roman: I haven’t been to the circus since I was a kid.

Paula: That’s the point. I thought this would be a Nostalgic experience for both of us, and let us feel like kids again.

Roman: I’m not sure…

Paula: Come on! We’ll miss the first Act. I think there’ll be Jugglers, Magicians, and Tightrope walkers, too.

Roman: Great.

Paula: Listen! I can hear the Ringmaster from here. Let’s go!

Roman: When you said that you had a surprise for me that would make me feel young again, this wasn’t exactly what I envisioned.

Paula: I know. It’s even better, right?

Roman: If you say so.

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