Describing a Musical Performance

Janine: Okay, we need to find one more act for this year’s show. How many more people are waiting to Audition?

Calvin: There are two more. Should I call in the first one?

Janine: Yup. Let’s get this over with.

Calvin: What did you think of that performance?

Janine: I thought she was Flawless. She plays with a lot of Passion.

Calvin: Yeah, that’s true, but I wouldn’t call her a Virtuoso. The piece she played was pretty Rudimentary.

Janine: True enough, but I still think she’s a winner.

Calvin: Let’s hear the next one.

Calvin: Well?

Janine: He certainly played with a lot of Flair.

Calvin: He has amazing Chops, I think. I haven’t seen anyone play with such Artistry in a long time.

Janine: Nobody can Fault him on Mastery of the music, but don’t you think he lacked Originality and Expressiveness?

Calvin: No, I don’t. I think He’s a winner.

Janine: It’s clear that it’s a Stalemate. I want the first performer and you want the second. What should we do?

Calvin: I think we should Duke it out and the winner gets his or her choice.

Janine: I have a better idea. We add them both to the Bill.

Calvin: That’s brilliant! That’s why they pay you the Big bucks.

Janine: I would be Flattered if we weren’t all volunteers!

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