Describing Position and Location Within a Group

Selena: Don’t look now, but a big group of mothers are coming to this house To give you a piece of their mind.

Justin: What?! I meant it as a joke. I Didn’t mean anything by it.

Selena: You’ll have to tell that to Sally. She’s At the head of the group and she’s Flanked by Maria and Veronica.

Justin: Oh no, not them. I’d rather Be confronted by anyone but those three.

Selena: They’re not the only ones. They’re Backed by a group of at least 15 parents.

Justin: Maybe some of those on the Periphery are just Spectators, waiting to see what the rest of the group will do.

Selena: Don’t count on it. They look Determined.

Justin: Who are those in the back?

Selena: Those Bringing up the rear? I think those are a few fathers with a message of their own.

Justin: What should I do now?

Selena: Start by Waving a white flag.

Justin: And then?

Selena: Try a Sincere apology, with a Healthy dose of Groveling.

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Describing Position and Location Within a Group