Watching Daytime Talk Shows

Sally: Why are wasting your time on your Day off watching these Daytime talk shows?

Jerry: I think they’re entertaining.

Sally: You’ve got to be kidding. The only people who are Booked as guests on those shows are Losers or Exhibitionists who want Attention.

Jerry: No, they’re not. These shows are all about Human drama and Tragedy, something we can all Relate to.

Sally: Give me a break! The people who appear on these shows want Fame at any cost and the producers of the shows Exploit them for Ratings. They’re full of Salacious details that nobody should talk about in public, and that I certainly don’t want to hear.

Jerry: I completely disagree. If you Get off your high horse for a minute, you may learn something.

Sally: Like what?

Jerry: Like how To get rid of an annoying wife and Get away with it!

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Watching Daytime Talk Shows