Watching Special Effects

Chrissy: Wow, that movie was amazing, but I can’t believe that they Blew up the Eiffel Tower. I bet the French are really Pissed.

Jack: You’re kidding, right? They didn’t really blow up the Eiffel Tower. They used Special effects to make it look that way.

Chrissy: Are you sure? It really looked like the real thing.

Jack: They used a Scale model or a Computer-generated image of the Eiffel Tower and added some Pyrotechnics or other Visual effects to create what you saw on the screen. It’s like a big Optical illusion. I can’t believe you really thought they blew up the Eiffel Tower.

Chrissy: Oh no, I didn’t. I was just kidding. But you have to admit that it was pretty cool that they got the real president of the United States to kill that Monster, right?

Jack: You must be Messing with my mind again. That wasn’t the president. That was an actor wearing Prosthetics and Makeup standing in front of a Green screen. They added the monster later in Post-production.

Chrissy: Oh, right, sure. But you have To hand it to them for moving a section of the Great Wall of China to New York City, right?

Jack: Oh, boy…

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