Rumors and Secrets

Jack: So, what do you think of the New guy?

Kate: Oh, You mean Bernard? He’s okay, I guess. Why?

Jack: Well, I heard that he left his last company under Mysterious circumstances. I tried to find out more from Libby, but she was very Hush-hush about it.

Kate: I’m not surprised. Libby doesn’t like to Gossip, Unlike some people

Jack: I’m not gossiping. I just like to know more about the people I work with.

Kate: Okay, but don’t start any Rumors. Bernard seems nice and I think we should Give him a chance.

Jack: Don’t worry. I’ll Cut him some slack, but I want to know what Skeletons are in his closet.

Kate: Take it from me. You won’t find any Dirty little secrets and you May make an enemy of Bernard In the process.

Jack: You’re probably right but I wonder what Nathan knows…

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