A Movie Review

Sally: Did you see the new movie, The McQuillan Story? I’m writing a Movie review for the school paper.

Marcus: I went to the Premiere last week. What did you think of it?

Sally: I liked it. I thought it was Entertaining, although it wasn’t Groundbreaking, by any means.

Marcus: You thought it was entertaining? I thought it was Awful. I almost Walked out. The Acting was Wooden and Uninspired, and the Direction was Amateur.

Sally: Aren’t you being too Critical? It was the director’s first movie and I thought his directorial debut wasn’t bad. If there was a problem, it was with the Screenplay.

Marcus: Don’t get me started on the screenplay! The story was so Predictable and the dialogue was Pretentious. This movie is going To bomb for sure.

Sally: Oh, I don’t know. I think some people may enjoy it.

Marcus: If you want to do your readers a favor, you’d tell them To skip This movie and save their money!

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