Renting a Movie

Brenda: I have to return these movies in the Drop box today or I’ll have Late fees. Can I get you anything while I’m out?

Jang: Are you still Renting movies from the Video store? I use a service that delivers the movies to my mailbox. There are never any late fees.

Brenda: I’ve thought about Subscribing to one of those services, but I think I would really miss Browsing at the video store. I like Checking out the New releases and Staff picks, and you never know what you’ll find to buy in the Bargain bins.

Jang: Renting movies online is so much quicker and easier. I can browse the titles quickly, read the descriptions, read Reviews, and sometimes even watch a Trailer. Then, all I need to do is put the movie in my Queue, and as soon as I mail one movie back, they send me another one. It’s that simple.

Brenda: It does sound easy, but not everything that’s easy is better. Some of us like to take our time To make our selections.

Jang: Whatever. If you want to spend your time looking for movies rather than watching them, that’s your Prerogative.

Brenda: Are you really going To let me off so easily? I thought I was in for another one of your lectures.

Jang: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

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