Adding Condiments to Food

Orlando: Hand me that Worcestershire sauce.

Janine: Here. You’re not putting that on your Burger, are you?

Orlando: No, I’m using it for my Hot dog.

Janine: Wait. You’ve put Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Barbecue sauce on your burger, and now you’re going to put Worcestershire sauce on your hot dog?

Orlando: Sure, you’ve got to have Worcestershire sauce on your hot dog.

Janine: No, I don’t. I don’t know anybody else who puts Worcestershire sauce on their hot dogs.

Orlando: You’re Missing out. I just need to add a little Steak sauce, Horseradish, Tartar sauce, and A dab of chili sauce and this hot dog is ready to eat.

Janine: That sounds Disgusting! Is there anything you won’t put on your food?

Orlando: On this food? Maybe Maple syrup.

Janine: What?! You’re the one missing out. Hand me that syrup.

Orlando: That is truly Revolting!

Janine: To each his own.

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