Learning a Skilled Trade

Jeannine: What are you going to do now that you’ve graduated from high school?

Orlando: I’m going to Trade school. My father was a stone and brick Mason and my brother is a Mechanic, but I think I’m going to try something different.

Jeannine: Like what?

Orlando: Maybe I’ll study to become an Electrician or Plumber. Those are skills that are always In demand.

Jeannine: Don’t they have long Apprenticeships?

Orlando: Yes, but it’s better than Training to be a Machinist or Technician. It’s easier to open your own shop as an electrician or plumber.

Jeannine: With your skills, you can always get a job as a Carpenter.

Orlando: I think carpentry is a Dying art. Most people don’t get furniture or other things Custom-made anymore.

Jeannine: You know, you could always take a completely different Path, learning a completely different Skilled trade.

Orlando: Like what?

Jeannine: You could become a medical or Dental technician or even get a Cosmetology degree.

Orlando: Are you serious?! Would you want these hands cutting your hair?

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