Applying for a Passport

Clerk: Yes, can I help you?

Orlando: I want to get a Passport.

Clerk: Have you filled out the Application?

Orlando: No, I haven’t.

Clerk: Come back when you’ve filled it out.

Orlando: Okay, I’ve completed the application.

Clerk: Let me see it. You need to fill in your Social Security number here and you need to provide Evidence of your Citizenship. Have you ever had a passport before?

Orlando: No, I haven’t.

Clerk: In that case, you’ll need To submit a copy of your Birth certificate, or if you were born outside of the country, a copy of your Naturalization Certificate or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Orlando: I don’t have those Documents with me.

Clerk: Come back when you do.

Orlando: Okay, I’m back. I have a copy of my birth certificate.

Clerk: All right. Let me see some Identification.

Orlando: Identification?

Clerk: Yes, I need to see a Valid driver’s license, a government ID, or a Military ID.

Orlando: I’ll be right back.

Clerk: Yes?

Orlando: Here’s my military ID.

Clerk: Where are you Passport photos?

Orlando: Passport photos?

Clerk: Yes, you need two Identical passport photos.

Orlando: I’ll be right back.

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Applying for a Passport