Learning to Dance

Arthur: You know that you’ve Taken on an impossible task, right?

Martha: Teaching you to dance? I’m sure you’re Selling yourself short.

Arthur: No, really, I Have two left feet. I’m completely Uncoordinated and have no Sense of rhythm. I’m just not Cut out for dancing.

Martha: Let’s not Get ahead of ourselves. We’ll just start by Loosening up and Swaying to the music. You don’t even need To swing your hips yet.

Arthur: That’s good, because I don’t think I can learn even the simplest Dance steps.

Martha: Not only will I teach you some useful dance steps, we’ll put together a Dance routine down the line.

Arthur: That seems like a Pipe dream to me.

Martha: Nonsense. Before long, dancing to you will be as Effortless as breathing.

Arthur: But until then, I’ll look and feel like a dancing Hippo!

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