For me life is a dance – Для меня жизнь это танец

For me life is a dance. I cannot imagine myself without it. Every movement, swing, turn, makes the world brighter.

I have been dancing since I was 5. And it is passion of my life. At first, I danced ballroom dancers. It is very beautiful and elegant. Dress, heels, hair — what could be more beautiful? Before going on a stage, you feel excitement. But once the music starts to play, once there is a great desire to come out and shows to all that you are capable. And exit. Crowds of people are watching your every movement, a smile. And it is a true happiness.

Now I dance hip-hop. Hip-hop is a youth subculture that originated in the mid-1970 among African Americans and Hispanics. It is characterized by its own music (also known as hip-hop, rap), its slang, its own hip-hop fashion, dance styles. By the beginning of 1990, the hip-hop has become part of youth culture in many countries. I am trying myself to think what movements use, speaking in the language of dance. And what is with this comes out. We travelled with our band at the international festival Oskoldans, which left a lot of impressions, memories. When we arrived home, we long bored about the atmosphere, about the holiday. These were unforgettable 3 days!

Dance and enjoy the fact that you are doing. Believe me, there are no such people who cannot dance. Try, you must succeed. And for someone dance will be a part of the life. Dance to live!

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For me life is a dance – Для меня жизнь это танец