Learning Self-Defense

Teacher: Welcome, everybody, to this Self-defense class. Today, you’ll learn how To size up a situation and how to tell the difference between a Harmless situation and a Threatening one. You’ll also begin to learn some Hand-to-hand combat moves To defend yourselves.

Amy: Oh, good. I can’t wait to learn some Martial arts so I can Beat up anyone who tries anything.

Teacher: Well, the best thing we can do in a dangerous situation is to avoid having to fight. It’s not a good idea To confront someone Pumped up on Adrenaline. If you can Defuse the situation or run away, that would be the best strategy.

Amy: All right, but if someone is Harassing me, I want to be ready To do some damage.

Teacher: I’m not sure if that’s the right Mindset

Amy: I always trust my Instincts. If my intuition tells me that someone may be dangerous, I want to get in the first Punch.

Teacher: Whoa, that’s not the purpose of this class. You’re here to learn defense, remember?

Amy: Yes, but you know what they say: The best defense is a good Offense!

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