Dealing With Foot Problems

Walt: What are you doing?

Francesca: I’m selecting and organizing my photos for a Presentation.

Walt: Oh, can I see? All of these photos are of feet!

Francesca: Well, I am a Podiatrist and I’m giving a talk about foot conditions.

Walt: Ew, some of these are really Disgusting!

Francesca: You’re looking at some of the most common foot conditions: Blisters, Corns, Bunions, Calluses, and Athlete’s foot.

Walt: What is that?

Francesca: That’s an Ingrown toenail and those are Infected toenails.

Walt: I’m really glad I don’t have either one of those problems.

Francesca: You should be even happier you don’t have one of the more serious conditions such as Fallen arches, a Clubfoot, or Arthritis in your feet.

Walt: But I do have one problem. Let me take these shoes off and show you.

Francesca: Pee-ew! I don’t even need to look at them to know you have very bad Foot odor.

Walt: What should I do?

Francesca: Get some new shoes, keep them dry, and change your socks every day.

Walt: Every day? You mean I have to own more than one pair?

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