Paying for College

Chris: Which colleges are you applying to?

Marcella: None. I can’t afford to go to college. Even if I lived at home, Tuition, fees, and books are just too expensive.

Chris: You could apply for Financial aid.

Marcella: I don’t want to get a bunch of Loans and be In debt for the next 10 to 20 years. It’s not worth it.

Chris: Loans aren’t so bad, especially ones that are federally Subsidized. Apart from that, you could get Need-based grants or Work-study. Put all of that together and college can be Affordable.

Marcella: I don’t want to go into debt of any kind.

Chris: You could go to a Community college and Transfer to a four-year university after two years. Community college tuition is much lower.

Marcella: But who has the time? I have to work full-time to pay my bills.

Chris: Then think about a program that has a Service commitment.

Marcella: What do you mean?

Chris: There are teaching, military, or community service programs that will Forgive or Pay off your loans if you work for the organization for a few years after graduating.

Marcella: And be an Indentured servant? No, thank you!

Chris: Okay, but most good jobs nowadays require a college Degree.

Marcella: Not if you really have talent

Chris: Talent?

Marcella: Yeah, haven’t you seen me Mime? That’s My ticket to a great career.

Chris: I’m happy to hear you have such a practical plan Mapped out for your future.

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