Getting Rid of Bugs and Rodents

Apartment Manager: This is the one-bedroom apartment we have for rent. Let me show you around.

Sherin: Wait! Did you see that? It looked like a Mouse or a Rat.

Apartment Manager: There aren’t any Rodents or any other Vermin in this Apartment complex. I make sure of that.

Sherin: Are you sure?

Apartment Manager: Sure, I’m sure. Only last month, I bought some Mousetraps and Rat poison and Got rid of them all. This complex is rodent-free.

Sherin: Oh, I see.

Apartment Manager: And the month before that, we had Roaches, Ticks, and Fleas, but I Fumigated and they’re gone.

Sherin: You called a Pest control company?

Apartment Manager: I didn’t need a pest control company to get rid of a few bugs. I did it myself.

Sherin: Oh, okay.

Apartment Manager: And six months ago, we had Bedbugs, but thanks to my Diligence, they’re gone, too. So you want to see this apartment or don’t you?

Sherin: I think I’ll Pass. This conversation is Making my skin crawl.

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