Giving Compliments

A friend from work, Nia, Asked a few of us over to her apartment to watch the game this Sunday and I was really nervous. I’ve always liked Nia and I was hoping we could Be more than friends. My brother, Charlie, said that if I really liked her, I should be sure to give her plenty of Compliments when I saw her.

I arrived on Sunday and knocked on her door.

Nia: Hi, I’m glad you could Make it. You’re the first one here. Make yourself comfortable.

Sebastian: Thanks and you look great. Red Looks great on you.

Nia: Oh, thanks. It’s nice to be out of work clothes. Can I get you something to drink?

Sebastian: Sure. What are you having?

Nia: I’m just having a beer. Want one?

Sebastian: Sure. What a Cool place! This is a really nice apartment

Nia: Here you go. Actually, I just moved in last month and I’m still Decorating. But, That’s nice of you to say.

Sebastian: Wow, Nice picture. Did you paint this?

Nia: No, I didn’t. Someone named Picasso did. It’s just a copy. You know, I really appreciate the compliments, but what’s up?

Sebastian: Up? Nothing. I’m just glad to be here.

Nia: Well, I’m glad you’re here, too. Now, Drink up. The others should be here Any minute.

Sebastian: Sure. Cheers!

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