Going to the Park

I arrived at the Park a little early for our neighborhood baseball game and I needed To kill some time. I decided to take a walk along one of the Trails so I could look at the Scenery. Suddenly, I Came across A woman sitting under a Tree.

Octavi: What a beautiful day to be at the park!

Irene: Oh, hi. Yes, it’s a nice day, isn’t it?

Octavi: You look comfortable sitting on the Grass in the Shade reading.

Irene: It’s a quiet Spot away from the Playground.

Octavi: Do you come here often?

Irene: Not too often. I come here Every so often on the weekends.

Octavi: This is a great spot for a Picnic. I saw a lot of people on the other side near the Fountain, but this is much more Peaceful.

Irene: Yeah, that’s why I like it here. Were you looking for the baseball Field? It’s on the other side of the park.

Octavi: Yes, I know. I was just Warming up with a little walk around the park. We have a baseball game starting in a half hour.

Irene: I saw some people practicing when I walked past the field earlier. I haven’t seen a baseball game In ages.

Octavi: Why don’t you come and watch? It should be a good game.

Irene: Maybe I will. Thanks for the invitation.

Octavi: No problem. Take care.

Irene: You, too.

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