Going on a Diet

Decima: My Scale at home can’t be right. I Weighed myself this morning and I’ve Gained another five pounds since last month!

Sebastian: You’re not the only one. My pants are feeling tight and it’s getting harder to see my feet!

Decima: Okay, I’m making a decision right here, right now. I’m going on a Diet, and I’m going to do whatever it takes To shed these extra pounds. Right after work I’m going to the drugstore for some Diet pills.

Sebastian: You’ll want To take it easy with those pills. My wife took some diet pills last year and she did lose some weight, but she gained it right back. She found it was better to eat right by getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, and to eat more low-fat Protein and fewer Empty carbs. The truth is, she had been Yo-yo dieting for years until she changed her diet and started exercising.

Decima: Oh, no. Not Exercise. I hate exercising. I’d rather Fast than go to a gym.

Sebastian: That’s how I feel, but I’m starting To come around to wife’s thinking. Working out helped her with her 30-pound Weight-loss earlier this year and she’s kept it off. I may Follow her example so I can get rid of these Love handles.

Decima: What kind of exercise are you thinking about?

Sebastian: Nothing too Strenuous. I’m thinking of walking before work everyday and maybe taking a walk at lunchtime.

Decima: I suppose I could start with some walking. Maybe I’ll join you for your lunchtime walk. If I don’t do something soon, I’ll be Obese in a few months.

Sebastian: No, you won’t, but you’re welcome to join me. When should we start? Today?

Decima: Today? No, not today. Let’s start tomorrow.

Sebastian: All right. We’ll start tomorrow, then.

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Going on a Diet