Giving Awards and Congratulations

Part of my job as school principal is to hand out Awards and Scholarships to students. We recently had a Ceremony To do just that.

Principal: Miguel, I want To commend you for your work this year and Congratulate you for winning the science award. It is Well deserved.

The Recipient of this year’s community service award is Monique for her Outstanding achievements. My Heartiest congratulations to you, Monique.

I am also very proud of another one of our students, Yugo, who Has been awarded the ESL Podcast award. This Prestigious award Honors the achievements of outstanding students. Yugo, A job well done.

Finally, we are also honoring one of our teachers today. For her Dedication to her students and to the school, we are recognizing the achievements of Ms. Niehbur. I cannot imagine a more Deserving teacher. Please accept my sincere congratulations.

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