A Graduation Ceremony

Rafael: They’re playing Pomp and Circumstance and the Graduates are Filing in. Do you see your daughter? I don’t see my son.

April: No, we’re too far from the field and everybody is wearing a Cap and gown. It’s hard to see who’s who.

Rafael: Oh, there’s the Dean and I think that’s the Commencement speaker behind her. You must be really proud of your daughter. I know I would be if my son were Valedictorian.

April: I’m very proud of her, but your son is graduating Cum laude, with Honors. Those are great accomplishments.

Rafael: It’s a proud day for both of us. I just hope that the graduates will keep this a Dignified ceremony. I don’t want to see any Shenanigans.

April: What do you mean?

Rafael: Last year when my other son graduated, a group of Rowdy students started singing an Offensive song as the graduates went up to get their Diplomas.

April: Hey, what’s that over there?

Rafael: Where? Oh, that’s a Beach ball! How dare they throw a beach ball around while the dean is speaking!

April: Don’t look now. Those students are doing something strange with their Tassels.

Rafael: Shame on them! Shame on every one of them!

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