Managing a Classroom

After three months of summer vacation, I was looking forward to the start of a new school year.

Okay, everybody, Settle down. Take your Seats and get out your Textbook.

Charlie, Eyes on your own book. And Kathy, do you have something To share with the rest of the class? No? Then put that away until Recess.

Now, does anyone know the answer to this question I’ve written on the Board? Don’t everybody speak At once. Raise your hand if you have an answer. Patrick, Wait your turn. Therese raised her hand first.

Michael and Stephen, no talking in the back of the classroom. Tim, Sit still and Eyes forward. Pay attention. Mark, are you paying attention? I just Called on you.

Duane and Frank, I don’t see you two Jotting down the Assignment for tomorrow.

Okay, everybody, Read silently at your desks for the next 10 minutes.

I always forget how Exhausting it is to manage a classroom full of students. How many months is it before our next summer vacation?

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Managing a Classroom