Flying on Low-Cost Airlines

Sue: I just made Airline reservations for our trip. Do you want to look over the Itinerary before I purchase the tickets?

Alex: Which airline is it?

Sue: It’s McTse Air.

Alex: Oh, no, I don’t want to fly on that Low-cost airline! We don’t get Assigned seats and all of the Passengers Rush the Gate when Boarding begins. I hate that!

Sue: Not having assigned seats is A small price to pay for low Fares. The service may be Stripped down, but I don’t think the experience is that bad.

Alex: I don’t mind a No-frills flight, but I don’t want to fly out of some tiny airport that’s an hour away. Which airport would we be Departing from?

Sue: It’s the Burbank Airport. Yes, I know it’s less convenient to fly out of a Secondary airport, but I don’t see what the big deal is.

Alex: Okay, Hand it over. I’m Taking over the planning for our vacation. I’m not willing to Sacrifice comfort to save a few Bucks.

Sue: Fine, be my guest.

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