Being a Bachelor

Iris: I’m thinking of inviting Simone and Jerry over for dinner.

Alex: This isn’t another attempt at Matchmaking, is it? Jerry is a Confirmed bachelor and he’s not Looking to marry or become involved in a relationship.

Iris: He’s not a confirmed bachelor. In this neighborhood with so many single women, he’s an Eligible bachelor.

Alex: You mean in this neighborhood full of old Spinsters! Stop trying To set him up with one of them.

Iris: How do you know he doesn’t want a relationship? Maybe he’s just shy and needs a little Prodding. Maybe he has a Fear of commitment and we can all help him Overcome it.

Alex: Maybe he just wants to be left alone by Meddling neighbors and ladies On the prowl. There are many benefits to remaining a bachelor.

Iris: You mean living a Celibate and empty life?

Alex: You’re making too many Assumptions. You Don’t know the first thing about his life and whether he’s happy or not. In many ways, a bachelor’s life is Idyllic.

Iris: How can you say that?

Alex: Would any bachelor have to have this conversation with anyone, ever?

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