Unconventional Marriages

Karam: You and Daniel have been dating for over a year. Are you guys thinking of Tying the knot?

Raphaela: I’m not sure. Neither Daniel nor I believe in following Conventions. We’re both open to an Unconventional relationship.

Karam: What kind of unconventional relationship?

Raphaela: Many different kinds. We’re very Open-minded.

Karam: Okay, for instance, would you guys be open to Polygamy? Somehow I can’t Picture either of you sharing your Spouse with someone else.

Raphaela: Well, no, I don’t think that would be right for us. The more people involved in a relationship, the more difficult it becomes, I think.

Karam: Then you wouldn’t be open to an Open marriage.

Raphaela: That’s probably not something I’d want.

Karam: The only other unconventional marriages I can think of are Arranged marriages and May-December romances. Neither of those Applies to you and Daniel. Am I missing something?

Raphaela: Well, we’d be open to Living apart. We’re both very independent and would want To retain that independence.

Karam: Ah, then there’s my answer. I know what kind of unconventional marriage you’d have.

Raphaela: What?

Karam: A relationship without Cohabitating? Dating.

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