Lost and Found

Airport employee: Hello, Portland Airport, Lost and Found.

Lucas: Hello. I was a passenger on a SunCal Airlines flight yesterday and I think I left my keys on the plane.

Airport employee: I see. To Claim the item, you have to fill out a Claim form. What did you lose again? Some Luggage? You’ll need your Claim receipt to get your luggage.

Lucas: No, I lost some keys on the airplane. Keys. I think I left them on my seat. Is it possible to find out if anyone has Turned them in to your office?

Airport employee: I don’t know. Can you describe them?

Lucas: Well, they’re on a Key chain and there are eight keys on it, including a car key.

Airport employee: Was there anything Distinctive about the key chain? You’ll need to Prove ownership if you want to claim them.

Lucas: No, it’s a Plain key ring. Maybe I should come down to the office to see if I can Identify them. What happens to property that’s Unclaimed?

Airport employee: We keep it for 30 days and then we Dispose of it. Don’t worry. We don’t have a policy of Finders, keepers. If you lost some luggage, it’ll turn up.

Lucas: No, I lost some keys! Keys! Never mind. I’m coming down right now.

Airport employee: That’s a good idea. It’s easier to pick up your lost luggage than for us to send it.

Lucas: Uh!

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