Getting Feedback on Writing

Xica: I just got my paper back from Professor Rodriguez and it’s all Marked up.

Lucas: Let me see. It doesn’t look too bad. This is a Draft, right? His note at the top says to make Revisions before handing in a final version. He’s trying to help you get a better grade.

Xica: Maybe, but there’s nothing he likes about the essay. Look at all of those Comments in the Margins. He Underlined the entire Introduction and wrote “Run-on sentence” next to it.

Lucas: That’s easy to fix, and it is a run-on sentence, you know.

Xica: And in the Body, he wrote that I had no Transitions and that my arguments weren’t Well supported.

Lucas: Well, transitions are easy to put in and you just need To cite a few more Sources – that’s all.

Xica: Yeah, but that’s not all. Next to the Conclusion, he wrote that I didn’t properly Summarize my main points. See what I mean? There’s nothing he likes about this essay.

Lucas: I think you should take the Constructive criticism as it’s meant – to help you.

Xica: It’s easy for you to say. You’re done with college. It’s kind of Demoralizing to get your paper back all marked up.

Lucas: True, but you forget that I have my own Battle wounds – lots of them!

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