My Summer Holidays (2)

В топике Мои летние каникулы (2) – я рассказываю о том, как хорошо проводить лето в русской деревне. Там у нас есть небольшой дом, есть реки и озера, где можно рыбачить, купаться и загорать, или кататься на лодках. Есть и густой лес, где в жаркую погоду прохладно и свежо. Я люблю проводить там время со своей собакой Джеком. Однажды мои родители решили отдохнуть в Крыму, но там мне не понравилось: домик был далеко от пляжа, и погода была всегда хмурой и дождливой. В день нашего отъезда вдруг появилось солнце, но с тех пор наша семья решила проводить лето

только в загородном доме, в деревне.

I always look forward to my summer holidays. In my opinion, there’s nothing like the Russian countryside. We’ve got a small country house in a very picturesque place not far from Zagorsk. There’s a river and a lake there. My friends and I often go swimming and boating there. I’m also fond of lying in the sun.

There’s a lot of fish in the lake, so I sometimes go fishing. I like to sit in silence for a while waiting for a fish to get caught and listening to the birds singing in the trees. When I happen to catch a fish I set it free at once, because I do fishing just for pleasure.

When it’s very hot I usually go to the forest. The air is cool there. I like to walk in the shade of the trees and pick mushrooms and berries. I’ve got a dog called Jack. He becomes so happy when I take him with me to the forest.

Jack likes to run after butterflies or dragonflies. I sometimes play with him. I throw a stick and he brings it back to me.

But last summer my parents decided to go to some other place for a change. They made up their minds to go to the Crimea. I think it was the greatest mistake they had ever made. This, in a nutshell, is what happened.


begin with, it was very difficult to find a place to stay. We rented a room in a house a long way from the sea. It was the only place we managed to get. It took us about half an hour to get to the beach. But it didn’t matter, as it turned out a few days later. Suddenly our happy sunny days were over. It started to rain. It occasionally cleared up for a while but then the rain went on again. All we could do was to spend all our time in the cinema or in a cafe. It was impossible to leave because we had made reservations beforehand and we had to spend another week there. I had never seen so many films in my life. By the end of the week I got very tired of the cinema and I could only lie on the bed reading books or staring at the ceiling.

At last the happy day of our departure came. You can’t imagine how astonished we were. The sun began to shine early in the morning. It seemed to me that it was laughing at us.

After that holiday we decided to spend every summer in the country.

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My Summer Holidays (2)