Retiring From a Job

Meredith: Are you going to Stanley’s Retirement party?

Oscar: Sure, I want a Glimpse of the future. I can’t wait To retire.

Meredith: It’ll be a long time before you get the Golden handshake. Me? I may be ready for Early retirement.

Oscar: Are you seriously thinking about taking the early retirement Package the company is offering?

Meredith: I’m thinking about it. My health isn’t getting any better, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in this office.

Oscar: But can you afford it?

Meredith: The early retirement package is pretty Generous, and I’ve Saved up a nice little Nest egg over the years.

Oscar: Then what are you waiting for? If I were In your shoes, I wouldn’t Hem and haw about it. I’d make the decision to retire now – today!

Meredith: Why are you getting all Worked up? Are you After my job?

Oscar: No way! I just can’t stand to see someone who can retire stay at this job. I’d Trade places with you in a minute.

Meredith: I doubt that – not if it meant being a Card-carrying member of AARP. You’re too young to be thinking about retirement.

Oscar: I didn’t say I was ready for retirement. I’m just thinking about it – All the time!

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