Ending a Party

Gunther: I think this party has Run its course and I’m ready To call it a night.

Maria: But there are still a few Stragglers who seem Reluctant to leave. How do we Politely tell them to go home?

Gunther: I’ll just make an announcement.

Maria: Wait! That seems kind of rude. Let me try a few Hints. I’ll tell them that we’re out of drinks.

Gunther: If you do that, one of those guys is Liable to offer to make a Beer run. That’s not going To do the trick.

Maria: What if I go over there, Yawn, and comment on the Lateness of the hour? That should be obvious enough without being too rude.

Gunther: Those people aren’t going to respond to Subtlety. Let me handle this.

Maria: What are you going to do?

Gunther: I’m going to do what bars do at closing time. I’m Turning up the lights and turning off the music.

Maria: And if that doesn’t work?

Gunther: I’m going to yell “Lights out, people!” and Mean it!

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