Being Tidy and Messy

Carole: It is Beyond me how you and Oscar can be Roommates. You’re very Tidy and he’s, well, a Slob.

Felix: It’s not always easy, but we’re Making it work.

Carole: Isn’t Oscar really Messy all the time? Whenever I see him, his clothes are Rumpled and his hair is Unkempt.

Felix: His room is really Cluttered, but he keeps the Common areas in Passable condition. I do have To straighten up fairly often, and I sometimes have To pick up after him, but that’s because I’m pretty Nitpicky.

Carole: That’s very Tolerant of you.

Felix: Well, we have set up a system so that if things get too messy, I have some Recourse.

Carole: Really, what’s your system?

Felix: Oscar and I agreed that every time he leaves a big mess, I can Fine him.

Carole: That seems kind of Drastic, but maybe it works for you guys.

Felix: Yeah, it keeps the place pretty clean.

Carole: Still, knowing Oscar, you must have had to fine him a lot.

Felix: Let’s just say that my next vacation will be in Monte Carlo!

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Being Tidy and Messy