Major Historical Periods

Livy: Tell me again why we’re here on a Saturday afternoon.

Nicholas: You’re going to love this Museum. It has Artifacts and Exhibits from all the major periods in history, from Prehistoric days to the present.

Livy: Hmm, fascinating.

Nicholas: It is, isn’t it? We follow thetimeline of human history from one room to the next. See? This room is Devoted to Ancient history and ancient Civilizations.

Livy: Is there a gift shop?

Nicholas: Sure, there’s one on the way out, but let me show you a few things in this room. It’s all about the Middle Ages. Check this out. Doesn’t it Blow your mind?

Livy: Yeah, wow, great. Actually, it’s all kind of Dull. Isn’t there something more exciting to see?

Nicholas: You want excitement? Then let’s skip ahead to the rooms on the Renaissance. Look at this!

Livy: This is all great, but I’ve seen enough. Let’s keep going.

Nicholas: We’re Rushing past the best exhibits, but if you want to keep going, I guess we can do that. These next rooms are devoted to more recent history, the Industrial Revolution and Pre- and Post- World War years.

Livy: Is there anything else?

Nicholas: You mean you’re done looking at over 3,000 years of historical exhibits? This is one of the best museums in the world. I could spend all weekend here.

Livy: That’s because you’re a history Buff. Hey, that room is about the Information Age. Do you think I can check my email in there?

Nicholas: [sigh]

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Major Historical Periods