Riding the Subway

Misha: I’d like to buy a Token for the Subway.

Clerk: The subway doesn’t use tokens anymore.

Misha: Oh? I didn’t know that. It’s been a few years since I visited New York. How do I pay for the Fare?

Clerk: You can buy a ticket for a Single ride that Expires two hours after it’s Issued. If you’re going to be here all week, I’d suggest getting a 7-day card that gives you Unlimited rides. Otherwise, I’d recommend getting a MetroCard.

Misha: I’m only here for two days. How much is each ride?

Clerk: It’s $2.00. If you buy a MetroCard Worth more than $10.00, you get a 20% Discount. So with a $10 card, you get six rides instead of five. The card allows you to Transfer to buses, too.

Misha: Okay. I’ll take a MetroCard worth $10.00. How is the money Deducted from my card?

Clerk: The Turnstile automatically deducts the fare each time you go through it. Here’s your card.

Misha: Thanks, but I’m not sure which Line to take to Queens.

Clerk: Here’s a subway map. Follow the signs to the Platform of the train you want.

Misha: Okay, thanks.

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