Serving Alcoholic Drinks

Bethany: Where is everybody?

Nathan: While you were in the bathroom, the other guys left.

Bethany: In that case, I should go, too. It’s getting late.

Nathan: The night is young. Let me get you a Refill.

Bethany: No, I really shouldn’t have another drink. I had a Neat drink after dinner and I’m still feeling the effects. I’m a Lightweight and I’m not normally a Drinker.

Nathan: What’s the harm? Have One for the road. I’ll serve this one Straight up and with a Twist of lemon. It’s my Specialty. I could also Mix you a Cocktail, if you prefer. Consider it a Nightcap.

Bethany: No, I really shouldn’t.

Nathan: All right, I’ll just Top off that drink in your hand.

Bethany: No, it’s late, I’m tired, and I have to go.

Nathan: Don’t Rush off. You wouldn’t want to get a Reputation for being a Spoilsport, would you?

Bethany: I prefer that to the Alternative!

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