Regretting Past Actions

Dennis: Oh, why did I Let my temper get the best of me? I never should have said those things to the new client!

Nora: Don’t Freak out. I’m sure you didn’t do any damage that can’t be Rectified. It’s true that, In retrospect, you probably shouldn’t have called Nathan, the head of the project, a Twerp.

Dennis: Don’t remind me of what I said! Hindsight is 20/20. Now they’re going to think we’re running a Dog and pony show.

Nora: No, they’re not. Nathan was being unreasonable and you tried To sugarcoat your Objections the best you could. Everybody could see that you were trying To pull your punches, but that guy just wouldn’t Give an inch.

Dennis: Nevertheless, this is going to have Repercussions.

Nora: Oh, here comes the boss now. I think she wants to talk to you.

Dennis: I’ve no doubt about that.

Nora: What do you suppose she’s going to say?

Dennis: I know exactly what she’s going to say: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

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