Joking and Making Fun of People

Dmitry: Stan is really Miffed at you. All of that Teasing at lunch really upset him.

Charlene: What? I was just Poking fun at him for trying To hit on the new, young Receptionist.

Dmitry: You called him an old goat.

Charlene: I said that Tongue in cheek. If he didn’t find that funny, then he Can’t take a joke.

Dmitry: What about last week when you told that joke about fat people trying to dance and you made him The butt of the joke?

Charlene: Everybody knows I’m the Class clown around here, and I make Wisecracks about everybody. Nobody else is as Thin-skinned as Stan.

Dmitry: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I suggest you Watch your back. The next Joke may be on you.

Charlene: Why? What have you heard?

Dmitry: Oh, nothing. I just think it may be time for some PaybackBig time!

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