Simplifying Information

Tara: How is your presentation Coming along?

Stan: It’s okay, but I’m having trouble Simplifying some of the Key concepts without Dumbing them down too much.

Tara: I think your Instincts are right. You’ll be presenting to Non-specialists, so it’s important to keep your presentation clear and simple.

Stan: That’s my problem. How do I Capture the essence of all of this information without making it too Simplistic?

Tara: My Rule of thumb is to think about which concepts really Jump out at me when I think about the topic and identify any Patterns in the information. Then, I build my presentations around those things.

Stan: That’s a good idea.

Tara: I would also find a non-specialist and do a Run-through and get his or her feedback. That’s the best way to know if you’ve Nailed it.

Stan: That’s another good idea. What do I owe you for all of this good advice?

Tara: There’s a new restaurant across the street I’ve been meaning to try for lunch…

Stan: Say no more. Lunch is On me.

Tara: Really? Let’s go right now before you Change your mind!

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