Asking for Information About a Coworker

Amina: What’s the Lowdown on the new guy?

Earl: Which new guy?

Amina: You know, the cute one. Fill me in. Is he single?

Earl: I don’t know. I have no idea.

Amina: You’re working with him side-by-side and you haven’t Gleaned any personal information about him?

Earl: We talk about work. It’s not my job To pry into his personal life.

Amina: I need to get The scoop on Mr. Perfect and you’re my Source.

Earl: You don’t know anything about him, so how do you know he’s perfect? Maybe when you get to know him, you’ll find out he’s a Selfish, Self-centered jerk.

Amina: Wait, Catch me up on what’s going on here. Have other people asked you about him?

Earl: Yeah, maybe about a dozen of the women in this office. They’ve been Bombarding me with questions.

Amina: Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.

Earl: Yeah, I’m not the guy’s Social secretary. You women have To satisfy your own curiosity elsewhere.

Amina: Point taken, but do you know if he’s Shown interest in any of the dozen women you’ve talked to?

Earl: Ugh!

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