Differences in Male and Female Friendships

Lauren: Did you see what Stephanie was wearing? She looked like a wet dog!

Quentin: Why do women do that?

Lauren: Do what?

Quentin: Why do women Put other women down? Is it to make themselves feel Superior?

Lauren: It was only a joke. I Didn’t mean anything by it.

Quentin: Do you really think she would find it funny if she had heard you?

Lauren: What about you men? You guys are always Bantering and trying To one-up each other. Aren’t you guys trying to see who’s superior and who’s Inferior?

Quentin: Women are Catty and Talk behind each other’s backs. We men Make fun of each other in a Good-natured way while we’re together. That’s the difference: You women are laughing at each other and we men are laughing with each other.

Lauren: Oh yeah? Was Tim laughing with you guys when you threw him into the lake last weekend?

Quentin: That was very funny, and yes, he thought it was funny, too. What you women don’t understand is that we Give as good as we get. Next time, Tim will Play a trick on someone else.

Lauren: So it’s a Vicious cycle of Pranks.

Quentin: Yeah, you could say that. That’s how men Bond. That’s something you women don’t seem to understand.

Lauren: We understand, all right. You take turns Torturing each other and call it male bonding.

Quentin: See what I mean? You women Stick to your ways and we’ll stick to ours.

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Differences in Male and Female Friendships