Automating Production

Lauren: Wow, that was an impressive demonstration of how Robots can be used in Production. I think that we need robots like those To automate some of the functions in our Factories.

Yves: I admit the demonstration was Eye-opening, but I don’t think the technology is there yet to allow us to replace people with robots.

Lauren: No, not for many of the functions, but we could have them do some of the more Routine and Hazardous tasks.

Yves: You mean have them work Alongside our current workers? I’m not sure how our workers would take it. Wouldn’t the robots get in the way?

Lauren: Not with their sophisticated Sensors, which allow them to avoid other people or machines.

Yves: I don’t know. Introducing automation would be Tricky.

Lauren: What’s important is that they’ll increase production and reduce accidents. The demonstration showed how easy it is To program one of those robots, even when fine Calibration is required.

Yves: I’m thinking of the people in the factories. Wouldn’t we have a Riot on our hands if we tried to replace people with robots?

Lauren: It’s the Wave of the future.

Yves: So you wouldn’t Object to a robot replacing you?

Lauren: Me? They’ll never replace me with a robot. I’m Indispensable.

Yves: Just like the Typewriter?

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