Spotting Trends

Heidi: You look very relaxed reading magazines in the middle of the workday.

Tim: It’s my job. I’m Tasked with spotting new Trends.

Heidi: And you do that by reading magazines with your feet up?

Tim: Why not? I also Frequent places where Hipsters hang out, listening to their conversations and observing what they’re wearing, eating, drinking, and doing.

Heidi: That doesn’t sound too Onerous.

Tim: It’s all about finding the Trendsetters, the people who are Beta testers and Early adopters. These are also the Bellwethers for when a trend has Run its course.

Heidi: Can’t you just see what people are buying?

Tim: By then, it’s too late. Those are people who are Jumping on the bandwagon, not The movers and shakers.

Heidi: Well, don’t look at me. I Lag behind every trend and don’t have any idea what’s In or Out.

Tim: Luckily, you have me to tell you. I’ve been Meaning to talk to you about your choice of Footwear

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Spotting Trends