Значение идиомы wear out

[wear out] {v.} 1a. To use or wear until useless.

Bobby got atoy truck that would run on a battery, and he used it so much that hesoon wore it out.

The stockings are so worn out that they can’t bemended any more.

Compare: GIVE OUT, USE UP. 1b. To become uselessfrom use or wear.

The old clock finally wore out.

One shoe woreout before the other.

2. or [tire out] To make very tired; weaken.

The children played inside when it rained, and they soon wore outtheir mother.

When Dick got home from the long walk, he was allworn out.

– Often used with “oneself”.

Don’t wear yourself out byplaying too hard.

Compare: GIVE OUT. 3. To make by rubbing, scraping, or washing.

The waterfall has worn out a hole in thestone beneath it.

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