Значение идиомы give out

[give out] {v.} 1. To make known; let it be known; publish.

Marygave out that she and Bob were going to be married.

2. To let escape;give.

The cowboy gave out a yell.

Syn.: GIVE OFF, LET GO. 3. togive to people; distribute.

The barber gives out free lollipops toall the children.

Compare: HAND OUT, PASS OUT. 4. To fail; collapse.

Tom’s legs gave out and he couldn’t run any farther.

The chairgave out under the fat man.

Compare: WEAR OUT. 5. To be finished orgone.

When the food at the party gave out, they bought more.

The teacher’s patience gave out.

Syn.: RUN OUT, RUN SHORT. Compare:USE UP, WEAR OUT. 6. {slang} Not to hold back; act freely; letyourself go. – Often used in the imperative.

You’re not workinghard, Charley. Give out!

7. {informal} To show how you feel.

WhenJane saw the mouse, she gave out with a scream.

Give out with alittle smile.

Compare: LET GO.

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Значение идиомы give out